Sharpham Cremet

Officially launched in 2013 and created from Breton cheese makers and Debbie Mumford's imagination, Cremet is a decadent, soft, mould-ripened goats’ cheese enriched with cows’ cream. It is tricky to make well and there is nothing else like it produced in the UK. It has a subtle fresh, creamy flavour and mousse-like texture when young, deepening to a full, rich flavour with earthy undertones when ripe. It is a persistent award winner including Best Product at the Great British Foods Award 2019. Indulge in Cremet on its own or enjoy it with summer fruits or fresh artisan breads, washed down with a glass of sparkling wine.

Milk Variety
Cow, Goat
cow-jersey-cow-milk (1)
Cheese Making
To start the process cows cream is added to pasteurised goats milk and mixed throughly. Once a starter has been added, the cheese is hand cut and the curd is hand ladled into moulds and turned four times in the first five hours after moulding. The next morning, the cheeses are taken out of their moulds and put onto draining mats. After 24 hours draining, they are brined on racks then left to allow their white coat to grow. Once the coat is fully grown they are wrapped in breathable paper, which allows gradual maturation to occur.

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